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Monsters University – Review


Sulley and Mike

At the time, Monsters Inc (2001) was not received lovingly by the critics, lets face it – Toy Story, A Bugs Life and Toy Story 2 were hard acts to follow. Much of its warmth has since been felt from repeat DVD viewings over the past ten years.

Well known for their family films that balance content for a young audience and humour for us adults, Pixar return to the monsters world with the story of Mike & Sulley’s past long before they were friends…

UK Poster for Monsters University




Mike and Sully are back in Monsters University and here is the UK poster for the Pixar flick.

The lovelable pair are off to uni in this prequel, hoping to graduate with scaring skills.



Finding Dory – Sequel to Finding Nemo announced


Finding Dory, a sequel to Pixar’s Finding Nemo has been announced for a US release of November 2015Marlin-and-Dory-finding-nemo-1003067_1152_864

Focusing on Marlin’s adorable sidekick voiced by Ellen DeGeneres the film will be directed by Andrew Stanton and will be set approximately 1 year following Nemo’s adventures in the orignal film.

We’re pretty excited about this and we hope that with Pixar’s expertise the script will be original, funny and entertaining.



Finding Nemo 3D – Trailer


Finding Nemo : 3D

Who doesn’t love Finding Nemo? No one? Good!


First UK Poster for Finding Nemo 3D


First UK Poster for Finding Nemo 3D

Finding Nemo comes back to our screens on 29th March in fabulous 3D.

This absolute stunner of a Disney Pixar film can only be better in this latest release and we have to say we like this new poster for the 3D release.

With Bruce looming in on Nemo and Dory and all of their aquatic friends surrounding them, this poster reminds you of everything great about the film!

Look out for the new trailer in a few days!

Monsters University: Trailer

YouTube Preview Image

The beloved figures of Pixar’s Monsters inc are back. This prequel takes a look at Mike and Sulley as they became firm friends at University where they are training to scare.

Billy Crystal and John Goodman are back, voicing the loveable duo! This looks like a whole lot of fun, the animation as perfect as we have come to expect from Pixar!

Vicky Hinault

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