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The Impossible – New Release


The Impossible is out on DVD and Blu today in the UK.

The Impossible is an incredible true story focusing on one family’s struggle for survival in the 2004 Tsunami. Strong acting and fantastic practical effects make this film a hard-hitting, sometimes difficult watch. The drama is portrayed with brutal but beautiful realism on the big screen without glorifying or belittling this tragic event. Won’t be many dry eyes left for this one.

Pitch Perfect – Out now on DVD & Blu-Ray


Pitch Perfect out on DVD & Blu-Ray today in the UK.


A mash up of ‘Bridesmaids’ and ‘Sister Act’ for the ‘Glee’ generation. The plot is as unsurprising as it is ridiculous, but there is more to this than you might expect. With genuine moments of real comedy gold and a scene stealing performance from ‘Fat Amy’ ensures that although it may not be quite ‘Pitch Perfect’ it’s still an enjoyable experience.


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