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Monsters University – Review


Sulley and Mike

At the time, Monsters Inc (2001) was not received lovingly by the critics, lets face it – Toy Story, A Bugs Life and Toy Story 2 were hard acts to follow. Much of its warmth has since been felt from repeat DVD viewings over the past ten years.

Well known for their family films that balance content for a young audience and humour for us adults, Pixar return to the monsters world with the story of Mike & Sulley’s past long before they were friends…


Hitchcock Trailer

Take a look at the eargerly awaited Hitchcock biopic of the same name.

Anthony Hopkins stars as the man himself as he battles against the odds when making Psycho. 

Hellen Mirren and Scarlet Johannson also star in this 60’s set piece that looks as though it’s going to produce yet another outstanding performance from Hopkins

Vicky Hinault

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