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Summer in February Review


Summer in February is a small British romantic drama telling the true story of an artists colony in Cornwall.

Dominic Cooper leads the young British cast as the famed artist AJ Munnings with Emily Browning playing Florence Carter-Wood, Munning’s doomed lover and Dan Stevens takes up the role of Gilbert Evans, the third side of the love triangle that dominates the story.


The filming is simple and uncomplicated, relying on the natural beauty of the set to enthrall the viewer and play a role in the story that was so vital to the artists being represented on screen.

A decent enough production also means that the costume and sets appear to be authentic and despite the Edwardian time period of the film it’s accessible and creates a clear world for these characters. 

While inspired by true events and as a result a clearly strong idea at the heart of the film the plot loses its way on occasion and jumps past, seemingly key developments, straight to the outcome leaving the viewer a little perplexed at times.


It is however important to note that the cast, specifically Dominic Cooper put on a great show. His ability to adapt to characters and embody them fearlessly make his portrayal of Munnings captivating and yet somewhat repelling all at the same time. The supporting cast also make this film feel like these people are real, and therefore ultimately do credit to the people whose stories they tell.

Despite all of this something about the film makes it fall slightly short, it doesn’t seem to offer anything new and the jumps in the story mean it fails to stand out.

Summer in February is charming but ultimately unmemorable and while this film may capture the hearts of art lovers and enduring romantics while its on screen but sadly you take little other than Cooper’s execution of his character.


Summer in February is released on June 14th

Dead Man Down – Trailer


Colin Farrell is back with another Action Movie after last year’s Total Recall remake.


Summer in February – Trailer


To be released on 14th June 2013 in UK cinemas and the first trailer is below.


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