Cloud Atlas is based on the best-selling novel by David Mitchell and bought to life by Tom Tyker, Lana and Andy Wachowski. Six individual interlinking stories which span over 500 years of time and space examines the drama, mystery & enduring love of the human soul.


An epically gorgeous piece of fantasy science fiction and one of the most ambitious films I’ve seen. Plenty of great performances on show from the impressive cast with the standouts being Tom Hanks, Hugo Weaving and Ben Whishaw. Although some stories are better than others and at times the film threatens to engulf you beneath its philosophy and its undeniably ambitious scope, there is barley a dull moment to this breathtaking unforgettable experience.

With a story that features a lawyer travelling the seas in 1849, a composer in the 1930’s, a journalist in the 70’s, an author in the present day, a servant clone in the 22nd Century and a tribesman living in a post apocalyptic future, it has been edited and put together so well that we can see how the decisions each character makes ripples through time and space. When all is said and done, you will be rewarded with the three hour run time by an irresistible film that celebrates both the courageousness of the human spirit and brave filmmaking. Destined to polarise audiences due to its long run time and deep complex subject matter where your full attention is required but ultimately this is all open to interpretation and I loved it.

‘Everything is Connected’