Darren Araonofsky’s debut feature Pi is officially 15 years old and to celebrate the milestone of this Sundance, Directing award winning feature a special 15th anniversary Blur ray has been released and we revisited this amazing film. The menu on this is beautiful and impressive and the HD quality shines through in these pre screens. The resolution of the film, purposefully grainy and gritty, is highlighted in the Blu ray version.



The movie:

The true definition of a thriller this intense, gritty character study about paranoia and obsession surrounds Max Cohen, a mathematician who is hunting for a for a numerical pattern in the stock market, and indeed the universal patterns in nature.

Sean Gullette takes on the role of the eccentric Max and drives forward a film that, like the numbers he becomes embroiled in, spiral into something bigger than he could imagine.


With his deteriorating health, a desperate desire for isolation Max finds himself encountering people who also harbour his interest in numbers but desire the results for other reasons.

Frustrated and desperate his search leads him down a dark road which is reflected in the film.

Shot in a grainy black and white the techniques employed by Aronofsky communicate the desperation of the character as the settings become claustrophobic, the characters more intrusive and the  situation more intense.pi.bw.7

The use of close up helps suck us into the world of obsession and the grainy black and white is seemingly a reflection not only of the dire mental state of Cohen but also of the way in which he sees the world.

For a debut Pi shows early on Aronofsky’s unique eye and the huge potential he has gone on to fulfil as a film maker.

The Extras:
Commentary with Darren Aronofsky – The director talks us through the writing of and the making of the movie.
Commentary with Sean Gullette – The lead actor provides insight into playing a character os such desperation and intensity.
Deleted Scenes – 4 scenes cut from the film are show with a commentary from the director about their inception and the reasoning for them being removed from the final edit.
Behind The Scenes Montage – A nice personal look at the film with lots of snippets of the cast, crew and a even their mums. Voiced over by the star and director this 8 minute snippet gives you an insight into the amount of people that go into creating a production and is a nice touch for those all involved in this highly personal project.
Theatrical Trailer - Alternate version of the trailer which neatly captures the gritty intensity of the thriller.
Original (Darren & Eric) trailer – The original, stripped back, trailer.
Πr2 Music Video

Pi is released on Blu ray tomorrow, Monday, August 12th

The film is screening for free at The Alibi Film Club in Dalston on 12th August at 8pm