Sulley and Mike

At the time, Monsters Inc (2001) was not received lovingly by the critics, lets face it – Toy Story, A Bugs Life and Toy Story 2 were hard acts to follow. Much of its warmth has since been felt from repeat DVD viewings over the past ten years.

Well known for their family films that balance content for a young audience and humour for us adults, Pixar return to the monsters world with the story of Mike & Sulley’s past long before they were friends…

We join an infant Mike affected by an incident in his childhood that inspires him to become a scarer, university is where he gets to realise that dream.

Mike - Monster's University

Being the ultimate swat and researcher Mike knows all the theory there is to know and excels to the top of his class only to be toppled by a monster with more natural ability in the practical side of scaring: Sulley.

The rivalry begins and is quickly woven in with the American College tradition of fraternities as our heros are thrown off their course by Dean Hardscrabble (Helen Mirren). Mike & Sully are left with one choice to even get a shot at graduating; team up and adopt a new fraternity.

O.K. Fraternity

The best developement of this film is provided by the relationship with the new characters from fraternity ‘O.K’, as they provide the odd-ball squad of social failures you’d expect from any coming of age feature.

Art - Monster's University

Charlie Day’s ‘Art’ (pictured above) being the funniest, who scores with pretty much every one liner. A minor problem then, is that other laughs are too far between. So while Pixar have mastered the art of story telling (WALL-E, Up, Toy Story 3), Monsters University tells a new tale that successfully fills the gap right up Monsters Inc while never really endearing itself as a fully fledged classic.

A solid 7/10.