The Internship reunites Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson on screen in a comedy about 2 older guys who lose their jobs and battle to get an internship at Google and quickly realise just how out of touch they are when surrounded by younger, brighter counterparts.


Everything about this movie feels familiar, while I do like Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson you do feel like you are watching them rather than their characters on screen and The Internship is no exception.

Written in part by Vaughn the idea behind The Internship works in principal but there is lack of real comedic substance that would make this movie stand out. The comedy is a far cry from Vaughn/ Wilson on screen outings such a Dodgeball. In fact there if The Internship were an album it would probably be played in a lift.

The thing about The Internship is that I watched it and enjoyed it, it washed over me, made me smile occasionally and delivered the ending i knew would come from the second the film began. It didn’t however deliver great big belly laughs and i felt disappointed at how criminally underused Rose Byrne was and how cliched anyone who is deemed to be a ‘nerd’ was.


The movie is full of stories of morale and cheesy uplifting moments which were the parts that actually went some way to warming the cockles of my heart.  With The Internship being what is essentially a 2 hour long advertisement for Google however it is hard to forget that element which damages any sincerity that may come through.

As a credible film The Internship would be laughed out of the room, but as someone who cannot resist anything Owen Wilson does my overwhelming emotion when leaving the film was one of ‘ah that was nice’ but there is nothing in this movie to push it above those ranks.