Made of Stone is a film by the acclaimed film maker Shane Meadows, of This is England fame, about the reformation of The Stone Roses and their Heaton Park gigs.


The film, which follows the band as they reform and ultimately play their live shows at Heaton Park, uses a collage technique to create a glorious on screen reformation scrap book, with historic clips and interviews, small intimate rehearsals, fan perspectives, full length song performances and a behind the scenes glimpse of the band, their personalities and their relationships.

The film captures a real sense of intimacy and at the same time lights up the screen with an electricity that will make you shiver and bring tears of joy to your eyes.

Using his passion for the band, Meadows combines a historic knowledge of the band, a sheer love of their music and the undiluted dedication of the fans to let the story unfold naturally. Most importantly Meadows falls into the fold with the band and never exploits his access to them. He blends in or steps back allowing the big personalities of the band members and their talent to do the talking, capturing and presenting it all like you the viewer are there in the room with them, and offering up what is a truly special film.

Fans of The Stone Roses will be in awe of this incredible film and what a great tribute it is to the band but more importantly people who only have a mild interest in them will be captured, converted and leave with a new found love for Ian Brown, John Squire, Mani and Reni.

Nothing short of sublime Made of Stone is like an onscreen love letter to The Stone Roses from the perspective of a fan and a great film maker

Sometimes words don’t do something justice, this is one of those films, take our word for it, you cannot miss this film.