Fast and Furious 6 is like a NOS fuelled version of it’s earlier counterparts with Director Justin Lin back in the driving seat he took this franchise up a notch in every possible way.


Reuniting the old crew once again Fast and Furious 6 picks up where 5 left off, post heist, the old ‘life’ behind them, but a spanner in the works arrives with Hobbs demanding the crews help to capture a criminal gang. Fuelled by images of Letty running with this crew the family reunite to do what they do best.

From the off you know that this film is going to be a homage to the previous films, the opening credits revisit the past Fast and Furious films and instantly set a tone and drag you back into the world of these now very familiar characters.

The storyline may be simple but it is effective, and there are a few curve balls thrown in to keep you on your toes. The characters motivations are clear and thanks to 5 films that have gone by before there are plenty of self referential moments which will put a smile on your face.


Writers Chris Morgan and Gary Scott-Thompson have had a lot of fun with this script. The jokes are frequent, in fact a lot of the laughs come from the more ‘serious lines’ however these are so undeniably cheesy that you won’t not laugh!

The action has also been pumped up a good few notches and with Vin Dielsel, The Rock and some serious girl power in the form of Michelle Rodriguez and Gina Carano you will go in expecting some serious muscle, and get it.

The fights are more frequent, bigger, better and pack a bigger punch than before, and although there are moments that will have you rolling your eyes, you will also be smiling.

The stunts too have got bigger and more impressive. Graduation beyond just suped up cars the film is literally explosive. Rebounding between huge car chase scenes, comedy moments, fights and explosions the film should feel non stop but there are a few slower moments which can at times break you out of the rush you are otherwise getting.


While some of the actors performances are far from Oscar worthy, they are familiar and don’t feel out of place with the backdrop.

If you go in to Fast and Furious 6 to see a serious action film you will probably be disappointed, this film is all about fun and it undoubtedly delivers. That being said the stunts are impressive, if a little ridiculous and will keep you from tearing your eyes from the screen.

Bigger, faster, louder and frankly more absurd this newest addition to the franchise is going to thrill any true fan and is unashamedly good fun!

4 out of 5


Fast and Furious 6 is released in the UK on May 17th