The new Paul Tanter movie, He Who Dares, has wrapped shooting and here is the first poster.

The SAS Hostage thriller has been billed as a cross between The Raid and Die Hard and is directed by Paul Tanter (The Rise & Fall of a White Collar Hooligan) The script comes  from GBH writer James Crow while Patrick and Anthony Maxwell produce alongside Tanter.

Due out at Christmas 2013 the poster is pretty cool, with the gray gritty appearance, it sets a nice tone for the forthcoming film.

Paul Tanter said “I am very pleased to be bringing this gritty action thriller to the market. After his bad guy role in the highly anticipated  Kick Ass 2,  I can see Tom Knight shaping up as a star of the future and is the perfect lead as the heroic SAS Captain. Jude Poyer’s fight choreography background in Hong Kong martial arts film has brought awesome fight scenes to a very hard hitting British film.”