Safe Haven is the latest of Nicholas Sparks’ soaring romance novel to be converted to the big screen.

Joining The Notebook, Dear John and The Lucky One; Safe Haven arrived on our screens this weekend.


Starring Julianne Hough as Katie, a young woman who runs away from her past and abusive relationship and arrives in Southport, North Carolina. Attempting to stay on the outskirts of society her resolve is broken down by handsome widower Alex played by Josh Duhamel, and just as she is beginning to feel safe and happy her past catches up with her and happiness is threatened.


Enjoyment of a movie very much depends on knowing what you’re going to get. I knew when i went in to see Safe Haven that it would be a cheesy romance, and in that sense it did not let me down. Slightly edgier than some other Spark’s adaptations the dark angle helped but this was no intense gripping thriller. The 2 dimensional bad guy does become almost sinister as the film goes on, and a sense of threat does come to something, but this film takes its time to get there.

The performances from both Hough and Duhamel are decent enough and they share a good onscreen chemistry despite battling with some cringeworthy dialogue.


In fact for a film in its genre it does a good enough job. That being said it is far from perfect. There are some glaring plot holes and all the good it does unravels with a very weak plot reveal towards the end.

Safe Haven is a popcorn flick, easy on the eye and using a simple successful formula. If you loved Dear John and the other Sparks novels at have been made for the screen, then you’ll love this but it certainly isn’t for the more discerning viewer.