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Catch up on all the World War Z action


If you missed all the red carpet action, and of course that set from Muse at the London Premiere of Brad Pitt’s new movie World War Z, then kick back relax and hit play.


This neat little video gives you a great roundup of all the events of the evening and features a brief chat with the star himself.




Flashdance – New clip from The Internship


Billy (Vince Vaughn) and Nick (Owen Wilson) star in this new clip for The Internship.

Playing Quidditch with their fellow interns Billy gives a funny motivational speech to his team.

Exactly the kind of comedy i was expecting from this movie, it certainly made me smile a few times! Check it out if you want a teaser of The Internship which comes out on 3rd July

Steven Spielberg’s “Obama”


This is a funny little spoof featuring the President of the United States, Barack Obama playing Daniel Day Lewis, playing Barak Obama for the upcoming ‘film’ Obama.

With us? Just click play and enjoy the big guy showing that he can poke fun at himself, oh and some guy called Steven Spielberg is nattering away too!

YouTube Preview Image

What’s this?

Happy Christmas to our readers,

from Movie Emporium.

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