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Edge of Tomorrow – Poster


This badass poster features a part-mech-soldier Tom Cruise looking like a cross between Ghost from Modern Warfare 2 and Matt Damon in Elysium. Formerly titled “All You Need Is Kill” we can’t wait for a trailer at Comic-con!Edge of Tomorrow


Oblivion – Review



In the future, Earth lies devastated and scorched as of a result of a decades-long war between humans and an invading alien race called Scavs. The majority of Earth’s population have long since abandoned the planet but a select few still remain. Among them is drone repairman Jack Harper (Tom Cruise) and his communication technician, Victoria (Andrea Riseborough). Safely stationed in the skies thousands of feet above, Jack is responsible for extracting vital resources from the planet’s surface. His job is nearly complete, but Jack’s life changes forever when he makes the fateful decision to rescue a stranger from a downed spacecraft. A stranger who apparently shares a connection to his past, which causes him to question all he knows, and Jack unexpectedly finds himself fighting for the future The fate of humanity now rests solely in the hands of a man who believed our world was soon to be lost forever.


Oblivion: Trailer

YouTube Preview Image

Tom Cruise is back for yet another big screen action outing, this time in Oblivion.

The new theatrical trailer gives us a glimpse at some of the huge stunts we can expect from the forthcoming action movie where Cruise’s character Jack faces a huge battle to save himself after he discovers he has been betrayed.

Starring Morgan Freeman and directed by Josef Kosinski this looks set to be a seriously impressive big budget hollywood spectacle!

Jack Reacher: Driving behind the scenes


No matter what some people say about Tom Cruise – the man can really drive a car! Seen here doing his own stunts on the set of Jack Reacher.

Director Christopher McQuarrie said: “If the camera wasn’t in danger, the shot wasn’t worth doing”.


(via Exclusive clip: BBC Top Gear)

Jack Reacher: Driving behind the scenes

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