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Top 5 HEALTH AND SAFETY NIGHTMARES: Power Tool Abuse, Hollywood Style!



By Gavin Baddeley

Horror films have long been criticised as immoral, inspiring all manner of antisocial behaviour in their impressionable audiences. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre in particular was singled out as a bad influence: Banned by the British censors in the 70s, several of its sequels were caught up in the ‘video nasties’ panic of the subsequent decade. Yet surely this was unfair. For The Texas Chain Saw Massacre was actually a public information film in many respects; warning viewers of the hazards of picking up hitchhikers, while highlighting the issue of rural unemployment. In particular, the film led the way in stressing the perils of being careless with power tools.


The Best Gangster Films


Gangster movies have been an important part of cinematic history. The classic story of the rise and fall, greed, power, crime and corruption captivates us all. They provide us with a glimpse into the ruthless, dark and sometimes comical underworld of the criminal empire. Whether it is criminals chasing the ‘American Dream’, fame and fortune or just plain revenge, these elements adapt to film perfectly. Some of the best and most accomplished directors and actors have achieved their best work in gangster films which only goes to show how highly regarded this genre really is. However, which are the best gangster films ever made? We count down ten of the best gangster films and find out what makes them so great.

10. City of God (2002)

City of God1


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