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The Way, Way Back – Trailer


Check out the trailer for this feel good film, The Way, Way Back.

Steve Carell stars as what appears to be a total douchebag in this coming of age story where his step son finds a friend in overgrown kid, Sam Rockwell and has the summer of his life.

Seven Psychopaths: Review


In Bruges writer/director Martin McDonagh returns with a star studded black comedy about a stuggling screenwriter who becomes embroiled in his friends world of part time dog-knapping… that lands them in serious trouble with crazy mobster ‘Charlie’ (Woody Harrelson) who just wants his beloved Shih Tzu ‘Bonny’ back.

With a main cast who believes drinking is more dangerous than guns, Colin Farrel arguably plays the straight man; ‘Marty’ whoes gradual collapse into hysteria is caused by the people around him.

His best friend ‘Billy’ (Sam Rockwell) is the prime culprit as he badgers Marty into working on his screenplay, whilst escalating the problems with gangster Charlie, culminating in a brilliant campfire storytelling moment. The star turn comes from Christopher Walken who plays ‘Hans’ as only Walken can, with one liners and second-perfect comic timing.

Seven Psychopaths is a fantastically quirky self-parody that flows with ease thanks to McDonagh’s master story telling and dark humour, it is quite simply the best comedy of the year.

UK release: Wednesday 5th December 2012


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