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Filth – Trailer


James McAvoy is back in what can only be described as a brilliant but definitely NSFW trailer for Filth.


Trance – Review



Fine art auctioneer Simon (James McAvoy) becomes mixed up with a group of criminals led by Franck (Vincent Cassell) in a plot to steal a valued Goya painting. However, when Simon betrays the gang an unfortunate turn of events leads to him being knocked unconscious left with amnesia unable to remember where he hid the painting. After failing to extract the location from Simon using psychical force, Franck enlists the help of Elizabeth (Rosario Dawson) a hypnotherapist to look into his subconscious for the answers. (more…)

Trance: Poster


Trance: Poster

Danny Boyle’s new film, Trance, hits cinemas on March 27th 2013 and this poster showing Rosario Dawson in the centre between James McAvoy and Vincent Casell, is not only a simple and cool poster it is also a representation of the story.

Danny Boyle of Slumdog Millionaire and 127 hours fame brings us this thriller centering around a hypnotist and two men involved in an art theft.

With the nice clean cut black edge and the hypnotic lines and colours the poster creates a nice sense of what we can hopefully expect from this masterful film maker

Welcome to the Punch: Trailer

YouTube Preview Image

If you aren’t excited about Welcome to the Punch then you need to watch this trailer and get excited.

Released on March 15th in the UK Mark Strong, James McAvoy and Andrea Riseborough.

If this trailer is to be believed then Welcome to the Punch has everything. Great actors, intense action scenes, some cool slow mo scenes and what promises to be a strong storyline.

Take a look and get the countdown to release day started!


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