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Olympus Has Fallen – Infographic



With Olympus Has Fallen being released tomorrow take a look at the infographic of the action packed blockbuster.



OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN - released on Blu-ray, DVD and Download from 26 August, 2013

The Deaths of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre series


With the recent release of Texas Chainsaw 3D now seems like a great time to take a look back over the series and see all of the bloody deaths over the movies with this cool little infographic.



Which one is your favourite movie from the series?!

The Lone Ranger Quote Infographic


With the launch of Disney’s The Lone Ranger release getting closer by the day we have a cool little infographic filled with quotes from the upcoming film!   



Olympus Has Fallen – Infographic


Inside Olympus Infographic

Infographics are ever popular in the sharing community and this is no exception.
Did you know there have been five notable attacks on the White House since 1973?

Andy Lewis

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