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Discover Hitchcock at The Space


If you’re a fan of Alfred Hitchcock then you will love The Space which features a set of specially commissioned short films from the BFI giving context to the Master of Suspense and his early work


The Space is a great way to access missed material. These five Hitchcock shorts give a wonderful overview of the man as an icon and his legacy.

The ‘Alfred Hitchcock from the archive’ film gives us the welcome chance to learn about Hitchcock’s experiences and opinions about his films and career. The penetrating questions delve into the whys and wherefores of Hitchcock’s choices and preferences, giving an insight into the man himself and his acute awareness of what works and what fails.

‘Hitchcock at the Picture Palace’ looks at Hitchcock’s background and his emergence as an established director. Delivering a wonderful summary of the context surrounding Hitchcock’s early filmmaking days, the viewer learns some great key facts about the director and the film industry.

The ‘Seeds of Genius’ short explores The Pleasure Garden. This ‘boy meets girl melodrama’ explores the male gaze and provides an insight into Hitchcock’s use of motifs and editing. An interesting piece, this short is certainly worth watching for those curious about the younger Hitchcock and his endeavours.

‘Restoring The Pleasure Garden’ is very enlightening and an enjoyable watch. The BFI team worked with five different copies of the film, leading to the discovery of additional footage, which served to add new meaning to the narrative. Seeing the work performed behind the scenes is a fantastic element of this short and makes it all the more appealing to those interested in the technical aspects of film as a whole.

‘Scoring the Pleasure Garden’ introduces us to imaginative composer Daniel Cohen, described by conductor Chrisopher Austin as a ‘cineliterate musician’. Cohen’s methods of tackling the score are fascinating and he addresses the complexities superbly, saying he wanted to add a ‘timeless quality’ to the film. Cohen’s work is commendable; he presents himself as a true Hitchcock fan.

You can delve into the archives of The Space here 

Amy Watson 

Hitchcock – Review


Hitchcock is a biopic of the making of seminal horror movie, Psycho and the tale of the director Alfred Hitchcock.

Rather ironically for a film about the master of tension Hitchcock does not possess a lot of it, that however doesn’t make it bad.


The performances put in by Anthony Hopkins who was transformed into stubborn and obsessive director is a true feat. My disbelief was entirely suspended, thanks to the fantastic prosthetics and the great ability of Hopkins.


Helen Mirren who stars opposite him as his wife Alma, is also fantastic and it is her role and her on screen story I found kept my attention.

Aside from the great performances the film is littered with pleasing and amusing moments that ensure it is enjoyable and watchable.  The slick 60’s style of the film feels authentic and the support cast are good too.


The ambling storyline is quite a slow burner, reflecting the story behind the film but the pace picks up in the last half an hour and it really hits its stride.

Overall Hitchcock is an easy and enjoyable watch, but the performances are where it really finds its strength.

Hitchcock is out in cinemas now.

Vicky Hinault 


Hitchcock Trailer

Take a look at the eargerly awaited Hitchcock biopic of the same name.

Anthony Hopkins stars as the man himself as he battles against the odds when making Psycho. 

Hellen Mirren and Scarlet Johannson also star in this 60’s set piece that looks as though it’s going to produce yet another outstanding performance from Hopkins

Vicky Hinault

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