Whilst on the Jameson’s green carpet at the UK premiere for Seven Psychopaths we managed to grab Producer Graham Broadbent for a quick chat…

M.E: For those who haven’t yet seen Seven Psychopaths what can we expect?

G.B: Well if you saw ‘In Bruges’ and like Martin McDonagh, either from a stage play or In Bruges, and then you add in Seven Psychopaths – Colin Farrell, Woody Harrelson, Christopher Walken, Sam Rockwell, Tom Waits, Harry Dean Stanton, Gabourey Sidibe, – there’s a bundle of really smart actors in this film, it’s very rich, very fun, very dazzling and a very original film,

M.E: Have you maintained a working relationship with Woody Harrelson since Welcome to Sarajevo?

G.B: It’s funny you say that. I haven’t seen him for a long time, but he was great in Welcome to Sarajevo which was the first film I produced. It happened on this film that we cast him quite late in the day and it was a very simple call to make. It was just him and his agent/manager who I knew and he read the script in a weekend and had signed up literally within 48hrs of the script arriving which was great.

M.E: On set, did you have any problems with cast & crew members being scared of dogs?

G.B: Come on, it’s a little ShihTzu (laughs)

M.E: Some people have fears…

G.B: Er yeah, not too many fears for that one, if it was a big Alsatian we might have had that, but it was kind of sweet, everyone liked it , it’s just like a little gay dog isn’t it. So no – its kinda sweet.

M.E: Are you back in Britain for your next project or have you got something lined up in the States?

G.B: We have film called ‘Posh’, it was a play at the Royal Court, which we are putting together for shooting next Spring in the UK.

M.E: One more question for our readers, obviously we are all film fans and we appreciate a good film, but what’s your guilty pleasure DVD you put on a couple of times at home?

G.B: I can’t tell you that! (laughs)

M.E: Come on Graham,

G.B: I’m not telling you that, but there’s certainly a selection. Oh yeah too many. I tell you I do like, there’s two and they’re not really guilty, because I love Silence of the Lambs I could watch it again and again and again. And I love Misery, which aren’t natural drama pieces, but I think they are kind of great genre movies.

M.E: Thank you very much.

G.B: Cool, nice to meet you.

Seven Psychopaths is out in the UK on Dec 5th.