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Welcome to the Punch: Trailer

YouTube Preview Image

If you aren’t excited about Welcome to the Punch then you need to watch this trailer and get excited.

Released on March 15th in the UK Mark Strong, James McAvoy and Andrea Riseborough.

If this trailer is to be believed then Welcome to the Punch has everything. Great actors, intense action scenes, some cool slow mo scenes and what promises to be a strong storyline.

Take a look and get the countdown to release day started!


Fire with Fire: Trailer

YouTube Preview Image

Ready for a minute and a half of action? Then this is the trailer for you.

Fire with Fire starring Bruce Willis, Josh Duhamel, Vincent D’onofrio, Rosario Dawson and Curtis ’50 cent’ Jackson (phew) this non stop trailer about a fireman who witnesses a murder and is forced to go vigilante as the witness protection programme fails him will grab your attention and not let it go.

Buckle up, take a look and enjoy!


Fire with Fire is released on March 8th

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