Gravity – “I’ve Got You” Trailer


These clips just get scarier and scarier as they play on the human sense of helplessness. You’ll be heart-in-mouth the whole way through this film – guaranteed to leave you breathless.

We’ll be back…


You may have noticed things have been a little quiet around Movie Emporium lately.

While we’ve still be enjoying trips to silverscreen that we love so much we’ve also been very busy with a lot of other stuff too.

It was 3 years and 2 days ago that this site (in an earlier form) was born and we’ve posted countless trailers, seen 100′s of movies and marvelled over many a poster but right now we’re going to have to just do this silently.

This is not goodbye, we’ll still be posting odd bits and pieces when we can, but it’s going to be on a much quieter scale while we spend some much needed time marvelling at the world.

To quote the terminator “I’ll be back…” or should that be we?



Loki crashes Marvel Panel at Comic Con 2013


In full costume and in-character Tom Hiddleston gives the audience a speech they’ll never forget…

This full version has been edited together from all the available YouTube footage.

Zack Snyder & Henry Lennix annouce Superman/Batman Movie


Comic Con 2013 doesn’t get much more exciting than that – Check the scream when the teaser logo is revealed!

“I want you to remember, Clark, in all the years to come. In all your private moments. I want you to remember my hand at your throat. I want you to remember, the one man who beat you.”

Directorspective – Bruno Dumont


French academic turned filmmaker Bruno Dumont has slowly been carving out a very unique cinematic identity ever since the release of his first film La Vie de Jesus in 1997. Eschewing conventional cinematic narrative techniques, his films are various meditations on concepts such as good and evil, the nature of violence, the existence of God, and the responsibility of the spectator when presented with these topics in his uniquely obtuse manner.


Godzilla – Poster


Godzilla continues its cleanly designed teaser campaign with this rather light & airy poster. Emerging from the mist, our beasty must be some scale if his tail dwarfs those choppers! We admire the designers choice at including eastern glyphs in the logo throughout this campaign – gives it a sense of authenticity.

Godzilla poster

Edge of Tomorrow – Poster


This badass poster features a part-mech-soldier Tom Cruise looking like a cross between Ghost from Modern Warfare 2 and Matt Damon in Elysium. Formerly titled “All You Need Is Kill” we can’t wait for a trailer at Comic-con!Edge of Tomorrow


Most memorable Robot Films


Robot & Frank is the charming and heartfelt tale of Frank and his digital companion who are brought together through illness but become partners in crime with surprising consequences. To celebrate Robot & Frank coming to Blu-ray, DVD and to download on 15 July we have compiled a list of our favourite robot films and the stories that have held our fascination.


Documentaries for the big screen: A Top 10


Whether you agree with their message or not, the authors of these documentaries give light to some situations, opinions and stories that the general public may not have considered. From Bill Maher’s sarcastic and potentially offensive Religulous, to Alex Gibney’s soon to be released WikiLeaks chronicle: We Steal Secrets, these films inform, question, amaze, and prove that truth really can be stranger than fiction.

Bowling for Columbine (2002)



Films about Obsession



To celebrate the release of Iain Softley’s new film Trap For Cinderella out in UK cinemas this Friday, we’ve decided to take a look at a collection of the best films to grace cinema screens which focus on the theme of Obsession


Fatal Attraction, (1987)


Dan Gallagher, played by Michael Douglas, lives a normal family life with his wife and kids until meeting Alex (Glen Close). After a one-night affair Alex becomes obsessed with Dan and begins to terrorize him and insist they continue their relationship. She goes to great lengths, pretending to carry his child and kidnapping his daughter for a start, to try to win him back. Dan is forced to attempt to preserve his family, while dealing with the consequences of his own indiscretion. This classic obsession story earned six Oscar nominations and features the brilliant Glenn Close in one of her most iconic roles.


Misery, (1990)


As famed novelist Paul Sheldon (James Caan) heads home from his Colorado retreat he is met with a freak blizzard which causes a car crash in which he is seriously injured. Seemingly lucky, he is rescued by none other than nurse Annie Wilkes (Kathy Bates), who professes herself as his “number one fan.” Annie takes Paul to her isolated house in the mountains, and he starts to realise that Annie may not be as sane as he previously thought. Based on the horror novel by Stephen King, Misery features terrifyingly terrific performances, especially from Kathy Bates who won an Oscar for Best Actress.


Single White Female, (1992)


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