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First UK poster for Pain and Gain


Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson star in Pain and Gain and here is the muscle bound first poster for the movie.



Hitting our UK screens at the end of august i feel like i’ve been waiting for this movie forever after it’s spring release in the US.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier – Teaser Poster


Hot off the press is this new teaser poster for a rather battered CapAm shield in The Winter Soldier. Looks like Steve Rogers will be put through the wringer in his Marvel 2nd phase sequel.

The Winter Soldier - teaser poster


UK quad poster for Lovelace



Amanda Seyfried is at the centre of this new poster for Lovelace, the movie biopic of Linda Lovelace the adult film star who went of a journey of self empowerment and escaped the clutches of her controlling husband.


Lovelace hits UK cinemas on August 23rd


Ender’s Game – Recruitment posters


International Fleet needs you! (*points finger*).
This slick set of propaganda posters show you don’t have to copy WW2 artwork to get your message across, so instead follow a very clean futuristic look & feel. We’re particularly impressed by the IF seal.


Brand New Poster for Only God Forgives


Let’s Get Ready to Rumble… with this epic new poster for Nichola Winding Refn’s Only God Forgives.

Drenched in the neon hues associated with the Bangkok night this poster featuring the film’s star, Ryan Gosling is awesome! With a stylistic leanback to the Drive campaign where the director and actor first worked together this poster really doesn’t pull any punches in terms of it’s slickness.



Only God Forgives is released in the Uk on August 2nd


Particle Fever – Poster


Particle Fever Poster

Cool poster of the week must go to this artistic take on the Large Hadron Collider’s particle acceleration, for science documentary ‘Particle Fever’:

Particle Fever follows six brilliant scientists during the launch of the Large Hadron Collider, marking the start-up of the biggest and most expensive experiment in the history of the planet, pushing the edge of human innovation.

Poster source: IMPawards

New Artwork for Anchorman 2, it’s kind of a big deal!





Here is the tache-tastic new poster for Anchorman 2 featuring Ron Burgandy’s groomed facial hair!



With a new trailer being launched very very soon (stay tuned) tickle your lamp loving tastebuds with this.

Until then, stay classy!

New Character banners for The World’s End


With the release of Edgar Wright’s The World’s End growing ever nearer check out these awesome character banners for the key players in what looks like it’s going to be another funny film!


The film is release on 19th July and we can’t wait!



The Deaths of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre series


With the recent release of Texas Chainsaw 3D now seems like a great time to take a look back over the series and see all of the bloody deaths over the movies with this cool little infographic.



Which one is your favourite movie from the series?!

Idris Elba in the first poster for Mandela


Idris Elba (Prometheus and BBC’s Luther) is Mandela in this first poster for the name of the same film.

With some very well thought out colouring we actually really love this, and expect big things from this film!

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