Pain and Gain from Director Michael Bay and is based on a true story. Do keep that in mind as you read below.

The story is set in the 80′s and centres around 3 body builders who realise they will literally do anything to live their own interpretation of the American dream. Or greed and riches, as they believe it to be.



In what starts out relatively comedic the story gets dark but keeps an element of black comedy with it that will have you grimacing and laughing all at the same time. I have to say the story itself was the part i found least enjoyable but oddly on reflection I found more and more that I loved about the film.

First and foremost the cast should take a well deserved bow, the 3 meatheads at the centre of the story are played by Mark Whalberg, Anthony Mackie and Dwayne The Rock Johnson. They are all nothing short of brilliant. All of them commit fearlessly to their absurd characters in this comedy of errors. In an almost pantomine-esque performance Johnson made me really sit up and take notice of him as an actor for the first time. Whalberg and Mackie flex their acting muscle and are both utterly brilliant.


While almost staggeringly unbelievable at times the story is told well and the absurdity is helped along by the unique direction on the movie. Full of low shots of swagger that you would expect from a macho Michael Bay movie the film captures and somehow transports the viewers almost into the film. I spent the entire thing feeling like I was pumped up on some sort of stimulant all thanks to the unique way it was captured.


One of the weirdest stories i’ve seen in a while but Pain and Gain has something that i can’t quite put my finger on that makes it worth seeing.


Pain and Gain is released in UK cinema’s this Friday.