Boss, starring Kelsey Grammar comes to DVD in the UK on Monday and we’ve taken a look at it ahead of its release.

Charting the story of Mayor of Chicago Tom Kane, a man filled with corruption and an insatiable lust for power that he is ready to betray anyone at any moment to keep control of his beloved city.

As with all drama’s a spanner in the works comes, when in the opening scene of the series, we realize Kane has been diagnosed with a degenerative disease which instantly threatens his stronghold on Chicago.

Boss, Episode #104

Of course the drama doesn’t stop there, the series takes a look at the lives of the people around the mayor, the corruption that is deeply embedded into politics, the tactics used in a political race and the struggles of the lives of people related to and around him.

The foundations of Boss are solid, there is a great scope for something truly powerful but something seems to be missing. Incredibly stylish and employing some truly original filming techniques, the programme certainly isn’t lacking on the visual front, neither are the performances questionable. Kelsey Grammar takes to the role of this vindictive Mayor with vigor and produces a brilliant performance. Those around him too are good, but playing characters that are just too familiar, an estranged troubled daughter, a wife he is separated from, their roles don’t give them an opportunity to set themselves apart.

Boss was released in the US a couple of years ago and is finally now available in the UK, a reluctance brought about with perhaps the sensationalist plotlines and gratuitous sex scenes, which were obviously designed to grip the viewer but ironically, resembling any other form of desperation, turned out to be quite off putting.

Kane talks with Stone & asks him to step out for a minute.  Kane & company watch Ruiz on the news. Kane is fuming. Zajac tells Kane why he got into politics. Kane makes peace with Potawatomi Nation in front of press

There is so much about Boss that is good but the thing that sets it apart and could make it great is missing.

Boss is released in the UK on Monday 10th June