Come as You Are is a small foreign film with a huge heart.

Based on a true story of 3 young men, all of whom are disabled, they plot an escape to Spain where they plan to have their first sexual experiences.

Essentially a road trip movie this film goes tells a heartwarming story of life lessons, friendships, acceptance and love.

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The great thing about this film is how it captures a real sense of hope and comedy despite dealing with a sad subject matter. Screenwriter Pierre de Clercq has done a great job of bringing the characters to life showing their pitfalls and their positives and showing their changes throughout their journey.

The actors too are great, Robrecht Vanden Thoren (Philip) Gilles De Schryver (Lars) and Tom Audenaert Jozef play the 3 young men, each committing fearlessly to their strong characters  and Isabelle De Hertogh joins them as their unlikely travelling companion, Claude. Her performance in particular lights up the screen, showing a subtle strength.

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The actual film also brings to life the simplicity of what is at the heart of this film, seeing the beauty and good of life, the landscapes are captured drawing you into the wistful on screen journey. These sprawling moments are in a start comparison to the dips the characters see and the direction captures all of this, gripping you emotionally.

It’s not often a film will make you laugh and cry in one sitting, let alone still have you thinking about it weeks later.

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Heartwarming, entertaining, amusing and heartbreaking all at the same time, Come As You Are is a great little film that deserves to be seen.

Come as You Are is released tomorrow in the UK