We caught up with Writer/Director Paul Tanter and spoke about his new film White Collar Hooligan 2: England Away.


Why did you decide to make a follow up to The Rise and Fall of The White Collar Hooligan?

I liked the idea of revisiting the characters down the line. Eighteen months later and Mike and Katie are living new lives in Spain under the witness protection program, Eddie is off working different scams in various places and Topbeef is now a D.I. There were still some questions to be answered at the end of the first film and it was great to get everyone back together. After the success of the first one, there was a demand for a second from the distributor, who got behind it straight away.


How easy was it to get some of the original cast back on board for England Away?

Everyone jumped on straight away. I’ve worked with Nick, Simon, Rita and Peter before several times and we love working together. I know they were keen to flesh out the characters a bit and see what new directions they could take them in.


From the trailer it seems like this was a much bigger production than the first film, is that the case?

We have bigger and better international locations and more production value, and the length and size of the shoot was slightly bigger, but we’re still very good at making the most of limited resources and limited budget. As the producer and driving force behind both films, Simon is very good at giving me, as director, the tools and means I need to do my job.

What challenges came along with making this movie?

Some were the usual stuff that we’re used to, like guerrilla shooting in huge football stadiums or on airplanes, or co-ordinating hundreds of extras for the football hooligan scenes. Shooting in another country is less of a challenge so long as you’ve done your preparation beforehand. I love New York, but I thought shooting in there was going to be a massive ball ache. It was actually incredibly smooth as the City makes it as easy for you as possible to film there. Permits and permissions were easy and the police turned a blind eye when we guerrilla-filmed down the middle of Times Square.


Would you like to make a 3rd White Collar Hooligan if the opportunity arises?

Of course. I won’t give too much away about number 2 but there are certain questions raised at the end that can be answered in a number 3. I’ve got a story in place for it and it would be great for Mike and Eddie to reunite one final time and go out in style!


What project is next on your pipeline?

I’ve got a an SAS thriller called He Who Dares in post at the moment and have just wrapped a sci fi I’ve written and Simon directed called “The Last Scout”. It’s all set on a spaceship with a crew of astronauts searching for a new planet for humanity. We shot it in a studio in Los Angeles, which was a great experience. Simon did a great job with the film and there’s some great performances from the cast including Rita Ramnani, Rebecca Ferdinando and Peter Woodward. Of course there’s also the possibility of a White Collar Hooligan 3, so that may be on the horizon soon too!



White Collar Hooligan 2: England Away is available to but now.