Celebrating 50 years since its release Cleopatra starring Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor ahs been beautifully restored for this 50th Anniversary re-release.

The Film:

In stunning high definition this film has been remastered to the highest level. The quality is so good you will marvel at the fact that this lavish production is indeed the age it is.


Standing the test of time the performances from the now iconic Taylor as Cleopatra and Burton as Mark Anthony the film, about the Egyptian Queen and themes of power, love, obsession and despair this is an epic in every sense of the word.

The melodramatic score fits well with the onscreen events, heightening the action whether it be an epic scale battle, a tender love scene or a huge street parade. Overall this film has stood testament to the huge scale production that went into creating it and it remains a classic.


The Extras

Spread over 2 disks the frankly epic film (over 4 hours in this version) deserves a load of extras and this Blu ray release delivers exactly that. The look and feel of the menu’s had been considered and has been styled reflecting the film


Cleopatra’s Missing Footage – Looking at the missing footage, the destruction of early footage, the 3 different versions of the film is film historian Brad Geagley and 20th Century Fox film archivist Schawn Belston .

Fox Legacy with Tom Rothman CEO of Fox Filmed Entertainment, Tom Rothman, talks about the production history of Cleopatra, the myths of the film and the scandal that came from Taylor and Burton’s affair.

Cleopatra Through the Ages: A Cultural History – Discussing the real Cleopatra who inspired the film is Professor and Chair of Anthropology at UC Santa Barbara Stuart Tyson Smith.

The Cleopatra Papers: A Private Correspondence – Detailed letters and telegrams, all in text, between two 20th Century Fox publicitsts one stationed in Rome, one in New York.

Cleopatra: The film that changed Hollywood: A 2 hour look at the film, it’s making, the cost to the studio, the reception of the film and of course the scandal borne of Taylor and Burton’s off screen affair.


This is a great documentary for anyone with an interest in film and the history of Hollywood, encompassing the problems the studio’s were experiencing in the 1950′s, the build up to the production of the film, the casting, the problems the production encountered, the filming process in it’s various locations, the meeting of Taylor and Burton, their growing relationship, the post production disappointment felt by studios, the launch and reception of the film.

The Fourth Star of Cleopatra: A 10 minute behind the scenes look at the sets of the production, Cleopatra.

Commentary: Chris Mankiewicz, Tom Mankiewicz, Martin Landau and Jack Brodsky offer an insight into the epic film.

Theatrical trailers: While not re-mastered like the film itself these 3 trailers for the original release will give fans a glimpse of the marketing that went into the launch of this huge film. A large focus on Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton’s star power along with prolonged scenes give you a real taste for what you can expect from the film.



Cleopatra 50th Anniversary Blu -ray is available now.