Today sees the release to the follow up of Paul Tanter’s The Rise and Fall of the White Collar Hooligan and picks up in life after the job.


Mike Jacob’s (Nick Nevern) has escaped to the Costa Del Sol and started his life again, but after a frankly convenient and chance encounter with two people from his old life that recognise him his life is turned upside down when his girlfriend is kidnapped and held hostage by the man he stole from. Desperate to save her he hunts down old associates that can help.

The look and feel of this film is a real step up from any of Tanter’s films. Using a mix of original material and what i assume is a lot of stock rushes there is feeling of ‘bigger and better’ in this film.

Using a voice over the story really has too much exposition. Telling the audience rather than using clever devices to let them see for themselves you won’t have to engage too much to follow the story. Because of this there also seems to be a lack of tension, making the ending somewhat predictable.

While the basis and premise is a sound one the execution, especially in the first half, let it down. The arrival of Simon Phillips on screen reprising his role of Eddie brings a freshness and professionalism to the screen and the good relationship between his character and Nevern’s Mike Jacobs plays out well, providing some amusing moments.

The compartments of this film are all familiar from the spanish criminal get away, to the excessive swearing, the football gang violence and the stock gangland figures, in some cases a little too familiar and convenient.

Fans of the first movie will love this, but if you are new going into this looking for a hardy british gangland thriller, you could do better elsewhere.


White Collar Hooligan 2: England Away is release on DVD today.