British director Christopher Payne has had his new film “Love Tomorrow” picked up for international distribution, although not currently for the UK. The film tells the story of two troubled people meeting by chance, both played by professional dancers, Cindy Jourdain (ex-Royal Ballet soloist) and Arional Vargas (Principal at English National Ballet).

The film looks like it will move away from previous dance-based films by focusing on the development of the character’s relationship,  and its representation in dance, rather than on sporadic and arbitrary dance  offs that do little to advance the story.

Producer of Love Tomorrow, Stephanie Moon said: “The film is essentially a love story and aimed at fans of the ‘boy meets girl’ genre, but the hook has always been dance. Dance has become such an important and popular part of our culture, not just here in the UK but worldwide and I know that we all understand this.”

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