JJ Abrams was at the helm of the new, Star Trek Into Darkness and he delivers yet another phenomenal movie.


A self confessed novice going into the prequel to this film I was not much of a Star Trek fan but left converted, this time I left a fanatic.


Chris Pine returns as the formidable Captain James T Kirk with Zachary Quinto donning his Vulcan ears to complete the duo, as Spock. The pair are once again excellent, a beautiful onscreen dynamic which is so wrong it’s right. They bring the characters to life and thanks to the tenacity and timing of Zoe Saldana’s Uhura who has a larger part in this film and Simon Pegg reprising his role of Scotty this film is near faultless.

The action is plentiful and purposeful, you’re never left with a sinking feeling that you’re watching a fight for fighting’s sake. The world or rather the space that this film is set in is engrossing, beautiful and believable. The 3D is utilised well but not overly, it adds to the film rather than dominates it.

The story line weaves well, and Benedcits Cumberbatch’s Kahn offers a threat enough to risk the formidable captain and his crew leading to some spectacular scenes.


With sparks of comedy lighting up the screen throughout the film there are plenty of laughs to accompany the action and turmoil presented throughout the movie, all of which means the 2 hours you have to enjoy this movie fly by. The humour however has been turned down since the 2009 offering, the characters subtly growing up on screen and so a more mature film is on offer here.

With plenty of little lean backs to satisfy the true Star Trek fans from way back when it’s hard to imagine anyone that wouldn’t enjoy this film.


With a second film complete the inevitable question of course comes, will there be a third? I’d hazard a guess as to say yes, but whether Abrams will return with his Star Wars job slated to begin in 2015 remains a mystery, it would however be a tragedy for this series to loose him and not allow him to complete this 3 part fun filled adventure.

A truly brilliant film from start to finish. Don’t miss it!

4 out of 5