The hit US comedy/drama Girls is now available to download on Blinkbox.

The show, created by and starring Lena Dunham, centres around the lives of 4 young girls in New York as they struggle with love and life.



While season 2 had a much more serious tone than the first outing it is still a very good watch and is a much more relatable story of life in a big city than Sex in the City.

Hannah is seeing a new guy but still feels responsible for Adam, her bed-ridden ex, as he recovers from the fateful accident that ended Season One. Disappointed at work, recently single Marnie needs the support of her best friend and former roommate, yet the distance between them seems greater than ever. Jessa returns from her honeymoon, ready to plant new ideas in Hannah’s head. Newly experienced, Shoshanna struggles to navigate the challenges of a shaky relationship with Ray.