Mathieu Kossovitz of La Haine is back with his new film Rebellion. Set in 1988, on the island of Oveau in the French colony of New Caledonia, 30 police are kidnapped by separatists and 300 special force operatives are sent in to restore order.





Both in front of and behind the camera Mathieu Kossovitz makes a welcome return putting in a great performance as Philippe Legorjus, a man desperate to find a peaceful solution while all the circumstances, the imminent French Presidential election, and the clock are against him. His intense performance is veiled with a professionalism expected of an elite special force operative and he sets about a battle of will and wits lighting up the screen and creating a nailbiting tension.



The story is excellently presented and the film is paced well, catapulting between moments of explosive action in the onscreen battles, intense clashes of power and desperate bids to gain trust.

The setting of the 1980′s is authentic and believable, while the difference between the unpredictable jungle and the treacherous world of boardrooms and military and political pressures makes for a highly pressurized environment onscreen.



The script is well written and highly intelligent, offering the viewer a great insight and sense of history into the events of the 80′s on this small colonised Island. This paired with powerful performances and a very authentic set means as a viewer you cannot avoid becoming emotionally involved with the characters.

Capturing perfectly a sense of chaos and confusion the crescendo of battle scenes are both intense and captivating. A true sense of being amidst the battle is down to some truly excellent directing from Kossovitz.

Rebellion is an instant warfare classic and is not to be missed.


Rebellion is release in UK cinemas on 19th April