Olympus Has Fallen is an action movie about the White House being taken down by a North Korean terrorist and his team as one lone Secret Service agent tries to save the President from his imminent death.

An out and out action movie Olympus Has Fallen pulls no punches. The violence is strong and frequent, several head stabbings included, and is not for the faint hearted. Filled with huge explosions, waves of patriotism, fight sequences and some edge of your seat moments it’s an excellent action movie. It’s great to see an action film stick to it’s guns so to speak and not dumb down the film for a lesser certificate.


With a simple but very effective story this is a true good guys vs bad guys movie and is frankly a hell of a lot of fun, despite some dodgy green screen in the first few big action sequences.

The characters are fantastic and the script sets out a solid foundation for the impending action that will grip you and not let you go. Moments of tension, despite how cliched and well versed they are, are set up and executed brilliantly.

The action is unforgiving and keeps the pace ploughing through its 2 hour run time with a brilliant urgency.


Gerard Butler plays the perfect scarred but 100% sure of himself action hero, Banning. The President at threat is played out with an authority and excellence that we can expect from Aaron Eckhart who was made for roles like this. The fanatic Kang played by Rick Yune, is a familiar bad guy with motivations we’ve seen before but thanks to his brutal ruthlessness his archetypal character doesn’t feel jaded. Backing them in the main roles is a brilliant cast, including the always wonderful Morgan Freeman.

"Olympus Has Fallen"

With brilliant one liners, explosive scenes and some very over the top moments, Olympus Has Fallen is everything you would want from an action movie.