As Ryan Gosling comes back to our screens in Derek Cianfrance’s ‘The Place Beyond the Pines’ the former Disney Club member turned global superstar has recently announced he is taking a break from acting.


While he is reuniting with his Drive director, Nicolas Winding Refn, for Only God Forgives later this year, we thought there was no better time to look back at Gosling’s roles that have thrilled us, terrified us and even a few that have brought us to tears

1. Drive


His unnamed, cooler than cool, character in the neon drenched Drive of 2012 made Ryan Gosling one of the most respected actors in Hollywood. Flitting from scenes of eerie silence to terrifying psychotic episodes the unassuming driver captivated the minds of cinema goers across the world, in what can only be described as a stellar performance.


2. Lars and the real girl


This little known indie flick is one of Gosling’s best. A sad story of a painfully shy young man who buys a Real Doll from the internet and makes it an integral part of his life. Stunning, and sometimes repelling, the residents of his tiny home town his imaginary girlfriend, Bianca, brings about some crucial changes in his life.


3.Half Nelson


A crack smoking teacher? That’s right. Gosling is an on screen chameleon and he pulls no punches in this gritty role which charts the catastrophic fall from grace of Dan Dhune, an inner city high school teacher who forms an unlikely bond with a student who discovers his dark secret. This is Gosling getting his teeth into a great script and a great role and you should see it, if you haven’t already!


4. Blue Valentine


A frankly beautiful and utterly heartbreaking story of two young lovers whose fairytale crashes down around them. Derek Cianfrance, the director, is responsible for one of the most brutally honest films about relationships you may ever see. Equally devastating as it is heartwarming, Gosling is masterful alongside an alarmingly brilliant Michelle Williams. Displaying how joy and desperation are done and done well the indie star turned Hollywood poster boy does it again.


5. Crazy Stupid Love

ryan gosling shirtless crazy, stupid, love

One to make us swoon, Ryan Gosling’s disgustingly handsome character, Jacob Palmer, is an expert with the ladies. The man the guys wanna be and the guy the girls want to be with, his on screen pairing with Steve Carell in this Rom-com showed yet another side to Gosling, a soft tender and charming one capable of making any role come to life with the skill and expertise of a truly great actor.


You can see Ryan Gosling play the captivating Luke, in his new movie, The Place Beyond the Pines, when it opens in the UK today.