Charting a Chilean families road trip Thursday till Sunday is an intimate portrait of a family unit and their relationships with one another as they embark on a journey over 4 days.

Much like a road trip not a lot happens but it does give you some nice things to look at.

Steady with moments of verging on slow, Thursday till Sunday feels like you are embarking on a journey with strangers and looking into their lives. There are some promising moments in the film and you can see that the art is reminiscent of some beloved life experiences from the director, which are successfully captured on film.


Thursday Till Sunday_01

The family dynamic is captured really well, in particular the obvious growing divide between  and the growing awareness of their pre teen daughter honing in on the atmosphere.

The subtlety of the film is its power, with some great performances of a strained coupled brilliantly underplayed and well presented on camera. This is of course in part thanks to the great performances but the scenes cramped in the car, followed by moments of openness and exploration create a real sense of tension as the film goes on, but one that is always threatening rather than looming ominously.

Thursday Till Sunday_02


The pace of the film is where it sometimes falters, the cinematography is impressive but just isn’t stunning enough for some of the lingering shots to last as long as they do.

This film has some great moments and if you are a fan of intimate character portraits captured on film then this is for you.

A promising debut from the young Chilean director Dominga Sotomayor, we look forward to seeing more.

Thursday till Sunday is released today.