Thinking of going to see Die Hard this weekend? Massive Die Hard fan? The most recent instalment of the Die Hard series is a bitter disappointment for any fan of the franchise and you should think hard before you do.


While it is full of McClean esque one liners, explosions and yes Bruce Willis in a blood covered white t-shirt, it is a real let down.

The history of the die hard movies is relatively quite simple, Die Hard – Amazing, Die Harder – Good not great, Die Hard with a Vengeance: A return to form, Die hard 4: Surprisingly enjoyable, more far fetched than the others but still, A Good Day to Die Hard: void of any style or substance.

It wasn’t only the lack of story that irritated me, it was the poor performances, (even Bruce can’t always beat this into shape) the unstructured dialogue, the flimsy motivation of the villains and the general cheese of the father/son stuff.

I wish i could say the CGI was good but alas, it really wasn’t. There are a few moments that will make you chuckle but it’s not enough to save it.

The film has been made for the sake of the action, but if only they’d toned the budget down and invested some more money into the scriptwriting there could have been a good movie in there somewhere.

I’m not writing this purely to be negative, more to warn fans of Die Hard. If I could unsee this, I would. Be warned fans, it’s time Die Hard said Yippee Ki Yay to itself.

If you’re looking for some non stop action from John McClean, do your self a favour and watch Die Hard, the orignal and still the best.