If you are like me and you love your films watching certain films with directors commentary on can be a real bonus. Not only do you get to hear the director and crew talk about the filming experience, but also you get to how certain action sequences took place, inside jokes, mistakes and a wealth of knowledge as to how the film was made.

However, the bar has risen. Directors Duncan Jones (Moon & Source Code) and Ben Wheatley (Kill List & Sightseers) have been taking part in live ‘tweet-alongs’ on Twitter whilst their films are playing out on National television. The idea is that as you watch the film you follow the relevant hash tag on Twitter to see comments from the director, cast and everyone else who is watching a live tweeting creating an interactive directors commentary. Obviously it would be foolish to do this if you haven’t seen the films before and something that I don’t recommend you do. However for fans of these films that have seen them several times before, this is a real must.

On Sunday 3rd February 2013, Duncan Jones will be doing another live Tweet of his film Source Code. All you have to do is tune into Channel four in the UK at 21:00

GMT to watch Source Code and either follow @ManMadeMoon (Director Duncan Jones) or follow the hash tag #SCch4 to be apart of it.


Reecent examples of Duncan Jones and Ben Wheatley giving live commentary on their films via twitter:

Duncan Jones

We actually werent able to convince KS to be Gerty until after the film was

completed & he saw Sam Rockwells performance ‪#MoonBbc2

The look of the base, very much influenced again by old sci-fi ‪@GavRov and I loved. Outland, Silent Running, Alien ‪#moonbbc2

If Sam R decided last minute not to do the film, & that was a very real possibility, we were seeing if Paddy Considine would do it ‪#Moonbbc2

Ben Wheatley 

Music is by Jim Williams.. we listened to a lot of Morton Feldman and Lalo Schfrin’s Dirty Harry score ‪#KILLLIST

Gals death scene was done in one, in one take. Amazing work from Maskell and Smiley

‪#KILLLIST live tweet was great last night. Like being trapped inside the audiences brain!

Max Hubbard