Smashed is a film about a young woman tackling her alcoholism head on, and dealing with the inevitable changes in her life that come from this. 

This was a film of two halves, literally and figuratively, for me at least.

The first half of the film i struggled with slightly, acting drunk might be one of the hardest things to do and I found this a little off putting, however as the film progressed I found myself engrossed with the characters.


The journey of tackling alcoholism was undertaken well in this film, showing the quick downward spiral brought about by events and the difficult fight away and out of this.


The characters developed well throughout the film and you really feel like you are on a journey with them, however initially i struggled to really recognise any of them and i think this is why it took me a while to get involved with the film. However by the end i felt really moved by this film and found myself really involved.


Aaron Paul stood out for me in this movie and was responsible for leaving me a little misty eyed at the end, Octavia Spencer too puts in another great performance her warmth seemingly reaching past the screen. 

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Vicky Hinault