Friends with kids is a comedy based on long time friends Jason and Julie (Adam West and Julie Keller) who after watching the chaos of their freinds marriage post children, decide to have a child, thus avoiding the inevitable relationship troubles that follow.

Starring a raft of familiar faces such as star, writer and director Jennifer Westfeldt SNL stars Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig along with Chris O Dowd, John Hamm, Megan Fox and the fantastic Ed Burns the cast is enough to draw you to this movie.

Thankfully you don’t have to reply on them. Friends with kids is an entertaining film, with lots of laughs, struggles and a few heartwarming moments along the way. 

DVD Extras

Audio commentary: A running commentary offering a insightful and amusing take on the movie from writer and director Jennifer Westfeldt, Producer John Hamm and director of photography William Rexer

Making Friends with Kids

A nice little feature on the making of the movie that give you insights into the behind the scenes that really highlights the friendships of the cast behind the scenes. This little behind the scenes glace offers a neat little snippet into working on set and the peaks and pitfalls along with some really great little interviews with the cast that will give you a sense that you really have been able to get a sneak peak behind the scenes

Ad Libs and Bloopers: Fun with Adults and Fun with kids offers a whole lotta laughs, many retakes and lots of hilarious ad libs. If you love SNL you’ll love these outtakes! 

Deleted Scenes: A nice selection of deleted scenes from the film, with a few little laughs for good measure! 

Anatomy of gag: Great for fans of comedy a break down of the a scene, looking at the stages of filming, the giggling ad the adlibbing that comes with filming comedy. 

Friends with Kids is available on DVD, Blu-ray and download tomorrow, Monday November 12th

Vicky Hinault